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Meet Dhruv

Welcome to UK’s finest Carnatic South Indian classical arts hub!

We are a South-Asian arts organisation based in East London, with a mission to communicate the arts effectively into the community. We use arts to create inter-generational and inter-community links. CARNATIC music is our specialty, with Carnatic Jazz, South-Asian Orchestral and other contemporary forms around it.

Our forth coming event


ECG (Easy Classical Gamakas)

featuring ‘Gamaka Box’ by
Ramesh Vinayakam
3rd July 2016

Click HERE for tickets

Indian music is monophonic in nature and is all about ragas. Ragas are scales performed with gamakas (gliss notes). Gamakas are the indispensable decorations which transforms scales into ragas.

Traditional Indian system of notation is a skeletal one and is of only pitch degrees and not Gamakas. They have never been seriously notated and remained as a mystery. Thus this great music has remained beyond the reach of the rest of the world.

Now, Gamaka Box, the first ever comprehensive system of notation for raga music, invented by the presenter, has made it possible for non Indians to play Gamakas and as an ultimate testimony to efficacy, the congenitally deaf have produced authentic gamakas off the paper. Thus, it now opens the door for the whole world to play Indian music authentically for the first time.

The workshop – ECG – Easy Classical Gamakas of Indian music would not only introduce the concepts of Indian music but will practically make the participants to play gamakas and ragas in a short time, an unique opportunity hitherto unavailable.

Workshop Details

Date: 3 July 2016
Venue: Dhruv Arts, 883 Eastern Avenue, Ilford IG2 7SA
Time: 11am – 3pm
Fee: £30

Click HERE for tickets

Contact: info@dhruvarts.org or 07951 337 986 to enrol for the workshop.

Spaces are limited, hurry up and book in advance. Indian music students/professionals, both South Indian and North Indian music and western music students/professionals interested in Indian music can attend.

About Ramesh Vinayakam

Ramesh Vinayakam, the inventor of Gamaka Box notation system, is a music composer, singer, lyricist, teacher and researcher. He has scored music for Tamil and Telugu films and also for a Hollywood movie ‘A Common Man’ with Sir Ben Kingley in the lead. He has numerous ads, jingles, albums, documentaries TV Serials, fusion music productions to his credit.

He also has a deep rooted connection with Indian classical music and has composed Kritis, Varnams etc in Tamil and Sanskrit and has invented new ragas.

He has instituted the Music Temple Academy in Chennai, India with goal of researching and disseminating Indian music through his system of Gamaka Box.

For more info on Ramesh visit www.rameshvinayakam.com

Dhruv specialises and offers: Indian music classes/courses, Indian Music concerts, festivals, Youth [Panchama], children [Shadja] ensemble, Indian Music Workshops & consultancy.

South-Asia is a land of rich culture and heritage. For generations people have admired and practiced its pristine tradition and culture, which encompasses classical music and dance, folk music and theatre. Some of the world-famous traditional art forms like the Carnatic music, Hindustani music and dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam have originated and evolved in the colourful sub-continent i.e. India.

Continuing for the fourth year, Dhruv produced London International Arts Festival presenting 17 concerts and 3 workshops across five venues of London. This year’s festival is between 2nd & 7th of November. Please visit the website to view event updates.

Dhruv Ensemble and choir have presented over twenty concerts in the last 2 years, creatively produced and directed by Jyotsna Srikanth, the artistic Director of Dhruv Arts.

Dhruv presented Vishaka Hari’s two sold-out Carnatic classical concerts woven with story telling across London in March 2016.