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We are a South-Asian arts organisation based in East London, with a mission to communicate the arts effectively into the community. We use arts to create inter-generational and inter-community links. CARNATIC music is our specialty, with Carnatic Jazz, South-Asian Orchestral and other contemporary forms around it.

Our forth coming event


Dhruv Arts presents Kalaatma Fest 2020, an eclectic series of concerts featuring eminent Indian Classical Musicians celebrating the charm and vigor of monsoon season from Oct 2nd to Oct 4th 2020. 
The festival aims to bring together the artist community and invoke positivity and hope amidst the ongoing crisis. The line-up includes some senior artists and also provides a platform for upcoming artists too. The festival is being streamed live from Shaale Venue, Bangalore.
We invite you all to attend the online festival and participate in creating a culture of positivity through music.
The foll are the festival details
6pm BST/10.30pm IST
Nadaswaram recital by
Bangalore B S Ramesh Babu and B Srinivas
Thavil by Ragu and Manjunath
4pm BST/8.30pm IST
Talk and presentation on monsoon ragas in Carnatic music by
Dr TS Sathyavathi and disciples
with Dr Jyotsna Srikanth on violin & Renuka Prasad on mridangam
5.30pm BST/10.00pm IST
‘Rain’ an instrumental solo depiction by
Shadrach Solomon on keyboards/piano
6.15pm/10.45pm Monsoon Raga Special
North Indian classical harmonium recital by
Ravindra Katoti
Tejas Katoti on Harmonium and 
Gurumurthy Vaidhya On Tabla
2.30pm BST/7.00pm IST
Carnatic veena recital by
Aishwarya Manikarnika 
Rakshith Sharma on mridangam
3.30pm BST/8.00pm IST
Carnatic violin recital by
Dr Jyotsna Srikanth 
Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma – mridangam
Vyasa Vittala – khanjira
5.00pm BST/ 9.30pm IST
Talk by Srikanth Sharma on ‘Effectiveness in the propagation of Indian Classical Music in the 21st Century’
6.00pm BST/ 10.30pm IST
Dr Hamsini Nagendra
Mathoor Srinidhi – violin
HS Sudhindra-mridangam
ASN Swamy – khanjira

Dhruv specialises and offers: Indian music classes/courses, Indian Music concerts, festivals, Youth [Panchama], children [Shadja] ensemble, Indian Music Workshops & consultancy.

South-Asia is a land of rich culture and heritage. For generations people have admired and practiced its pristine tradition and culture, which encompasses classical music and dance, folk music and theatre. Some of the world-famous traditional art forms like the Carnatic music, Hindustani music and dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam have originated and evolved in the colourful sub-continent i.e. India.

Continuing for the sixth year, Dhruv produced London International Arts Festival presenting 17 concerts and 3 workshops across five venues of London. This year’s festival is between 24th Nov & 1st Dec. Please visit the website to view event updates.

Dhruv Ensemble and choir have presented over thirty concerts in the last 5 years, creatively produced and directed by Jyotsna Srikanth, the artistic Director of Dhruv Arts.

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