Happy to note that the two music workshops on Annamacharya [AD 1408-1503] and Purandara Dasa [AD 1484–1564] were very well received. We had participants from across a wide area – Swiss, France and of course Redbridge and the surrounding Eastham – apart from Reading.

9 compositions were taught and the learning sessions ended with workshop master – Rathna Srikantiah leading the group rendition of Telugu and Kannada compositions. We will post a few of these on YouTube shortly and share the links.

Thanks to many local teachers and organisations, and specially to NuSound Radio who supported the Saturday’s workshops. www.DhruvArts.org has more pictures.

While most of you head out for holidays and escape cold winter – we will be busy planning 2013 – London International Arts Festival 2013. Check us out in the New-year.
Happy Christmas and New Year to all our well-wishers supporters, sponsors, volunteers, participants and audience.
Jyotsna says ‘we need to introduce and nurture the music passion in young people to keep arts going’ and has bee working towards achieving this goal.

Dhruv aims, through targeted and selective events and activities, to engage with communities using cultural recreation as a binder and a community cohession agent. Bringing in new energy into young minds, nurturing new audience, and curating innovative features is the main objective. Since 2004, this has been achieved through assisting our partners, mentoring and training students, organising music festivals and concerts has shaped up Dhruv’s philosophies and strengthened ethos.

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