Youth Orchestra – Panchama

Panchama, the youth orchestras have been presented since 2004, and have nearly offered 120 concerts to date. Panchama is the 5th natural note in Indian music. It features young people and they can hold on to the audience for more than 1220 minutes. Panchama helps build team spirit and other soft skills alongside the main theme, Indian classical music. Equal emphasis is laid on classical Carnatic and contemporary genres. The ensemble / group scales from 4-12 members.

Children’s Orchestra – Shadja

Shadja the tonal note in Indian classical comprises of children. This is a natural step enroute to being a part of Panchama. Shadja comprises of children in the age range of 6-12y. They are both an audio and visual delight to see on stage. Some of the orchestra members are as young as 6 years.