Apart from the regular classes thematic workshops, residencies and master classes help in reinforcing the continuous learning process and also in understanding a particular focus-area in depth.

Workshop offerings
We deliver interactive arts and music workshops. We have established best-practices, since 2004, and have a good track record of ‘participant-connect’ and effectiveness.

Following are the high level offerings:

  • Interactive Standard workshops on 
  • Indian [carnatic] music
  • Comparative studies on Western & Indian music
  • Indian Classical Dance
  • Bespoke workshops
  • Interactive sessions, enabling inter-cultural understanding
  • Lecture demonstrations and sing-along workshops


  • Experiencing the feel of Indian music and dance
  • Comparisons – Western & Indian music and dance systems
  • Answers to ‘What is rhythm and melody’? & ‘Is Indian music complex’? What is Indian dance?
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills by working on the emotive aspect
  • Linking – community and music
  • Linking – youth and music
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  • ‘Lunch-Time’
  • Half and full days
  • After school clubs
  • Theme-based multi-days residencies

The format for these workshops are devised in consultation with the organisers ensuring that the participants get opportunity to experience and explore the form in a creative and enjoyable manner.

  • Corporate offices [lunch-time sessions]
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Community centres
  • Religious places
  • Refugee centres
  • Working with the elderly
  • Special need groups

Workshop Team

Sessions can be accompanied or can go un-accompanied. Standard accompaniments include

  • Carnatic voice
  • Indian percussionists
  • Folk and Carnatic Violin
  • Classical and Contemporary Dancers

Dhruv’s workshops and residencies aim to share the enjoyment of Indian and world music and dance inspired by South Asian themes. We also provide classes and workshops in ‘Bollywood’, Fusion, Contemporary and folk styles. Dhruv has extensive experience in working in a wide variety of educational and community setting like – educational Institutions, corporate offices [lunch-time sessions], schools, museums, community centres, religious places, refugee centres, working with the elderly and special need groups.